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Six stages of faith.

The six stages of faith from Fowler make any religious or spiritual person have to question where they are on the journey called life. In point of view I agree with the stages and how Fowler broke them out. My life is a great example of most of the stages maybe skipping one or two.
The first stage of faith is Intuitive-projective faith, This stage happened for me at about the age of 4-5. I remember being so mesmerized by hearing of how God had extreme power and how he was the Creator of the universe.
The second stage of faith is Mythic-literal faith, I remember going to church and hearing that people had to follow the Law of God or they would surly die. I went home and talked with my friend letting them know about Gods laws and wanted them to follow them in order to not die. I was scared that I would be the only one left of my friend since they did not go to church. It was not until I was in about 7 grade that I understood the difference from literal death to spiritual death.
The third stage of faith is Synthetic-conventional faith, As I said I the introduction I skipped this one. I have never just followed in my faith. I have always had a question based faith. Well after the second stage.
The fourth stage of faith is Individual-reflective faith, This stage was the most real stage for me because I'd believed that I was a christian up until I was 16-17 years old. I told people about who Jesus was and how they should change their lives and ask Jesus to be their Christ, Yet I walked without him. At a new church I was challenged and pushed in my walk that eventually showed me that I was fake and needed Jesus as much as any one else I had told about Jesus. On a Wednesday night I gave my life over to Jesus and started to walk in the new life I had been given. I now was committed to God and would allow him to lead me where he want me to go.
The fifth stage is Conjunctive faith, In my life I have to say that there are times that I feel as if I am in this stage and other times when I don't. I love the world and want to see them saved to one day see each person in heaven. Yet there are times when I want the world to perish for the wrong it causes to others. Again I go back and forth but I think God that he stays the same. Loving us enough to send his son yet just enough to punish the world for the sin.
The sixth stage is Universalizing faith, Talk about a goal that would be worth getting to. I wish that the Lord would allow me to one day die to self and allow me to be selfless as some of the religious leaders out there that have given everything to help the world. I have visions of what I feel God calling me to do but sometimes do not see how he will make it happen.
The only verse that came to mind while writing this is with out a vision people perish. I think that this gives us a goal and a vision to look after so that we might follow in the steps of great saints that wen before us.


I will not sleep tonight with forgiveness in my heart. I am upset and lost with feelings of being overwhelmed with missing my mom. I can't believe what had to of happened to you to cause you to quit life and start to do drugs. Why would you be so selfish to hurt your kids and grand kids that you now will never meet.

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