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Prayer please

We need prayer for our house. Home Ownership at its finest. 

Power House

Day one! Wow can someone say cat PEE!!! Remove carpet!

Day two - ten!  Remove carpet and lay vinyl floors! 

Also a rain storm in the basement bathroom from flooding in the upstairs bathroom.  We bought new appliances and we still are living on an air mattress.  All in all our spirts are still up.  This Navy adventure keep getting better and better.  
What is you life been like this week?

The Calm Before The Storm!

I sit here waiting for the moving men to show up and all is calm whil Becca has all three kids.  It has been a cray ride so far and I am excited to see what God and the Navy has in store for me and my family.  Thank you Becca for trusting me to provide for our family and for always being there.