David and Goliath

David and Goliath
1samuel 17
Becky White

But God... Exploring the great truth

We love the under dog. We as a nation we love the fact that we might not have every thing other nations have we had the right of freedom. It was our right to lay down the old and pick up the greater truth. We were the under dog.

Sorry but. The word (but) is a conjunction.
We may not face Goliath physically but we all have giants in our life. If we could face our giants then we could see what Gods will is for our life's.

David took it on himself to ask who would defined our God.
When others told him there is no use David remembered five buts...

1. But God ... Is bigger.
34-36 the last giant I faced was the bears and lions and God provided for me then so why not now.
When the giants our over us we hold a pity party for our selfs and then we missing life. we must face the giant so we can live life.
1 Chr 21:22-24 when we face the giants it will cost us something. God asked david for a contrived heart
2. But God ... Is worth it
1 chr 28:9 if you serve God you will be blessed beyond imagination. He want to use you.

3. But God ... Is not fooled
He knows what you have or have not done. But he still wants to bless you.

4. But God ... Is generous
Eph 2:1-5 we are rebellious and chose death over life. Our sin nature is the largest giant we will face. We will never be able to defeat that giant but God can defeat our sinful nature.
God wants us to have a fulfilled and abundant life.
Plms 73:25-27 my heart and flesh may fail but

5. But God ... Is my strength

God wants to help you defeat all your giants.

What are some of the giants that you are facing this week?
Read others and add yours in the comment bellow.

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