How are you feeling?

No really how are you feeling?

Do you really want to know or are you asking to make your self feel better?

Well I am feeling good!


Yeah I feel fine!

Eric, how do you feel?

I feel as if I have been left in a dry place. Like my world has been flipped upside down. I'm angry at people for asking how I am doing and mad at the ones not asking. I want to be left alone but I want everyone around me.

Really I just want to scream and cry and smile. I am happy that my mom is not in pain for once in my life. I am happy my mom is at peace in the arms of Joshua(Jesus).

I am sad. Sad because my son will not know his grandma. She might have made life's crazy but she made three life's. My brother, sister and I owe her that much.

I want to sleep. Mainly so I can get some rest. I want to be picked up by God and held in his arms for a few days so that I can rest.

Mostly I want to say I Love You. But that will never happen again. If you still have your mom, no matter the relationship with her call her and say those three words. Cling on her.

May God give me peace, rest, and joy. I love you family.

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