God and Abraham

Wow what a morning. As a stand in line at the DMV I am reading the end of Genesis 21 and started Genesis 22.

Already I can see that Genesis 22 is going to be a glimpse of who Jesus Christ is. Look at Genesis 22:1-2 and you see that God temps Abraham to offer his only son. Wait. Stop. You typed that wrong Abraham has two sons. Well the way God works is he wipes away our sins and I call it as I read it, Abraham's first son was conceived out of Gods will. Causing him to be cast out because of sin.

So we have here God asking Abraham to give up the son he had been waiting for for many years.

Again I believe that it is a picture of what had happened to Jesus. God gave his only son who he loved and raised him up so the world would see his death on the cross.

Read on. Read up. Keep the Word of God in your hearts alive.

Genesis 22 is just the start of what God is doing in the life if his people.

What's your story? Is it perfect? Is it sad? It is your story will you share it?

Leave a comment about what God has done in your life.

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