Kingdom Part Four

Pastor Drew 
Living Word Oak Harbor 

Hard words!!!
Law - Exodus 21: 22-25
Eye for and eye was so that the punishment fit the crime. God was providing a law to keep thinks from escalating. 
- A Kingdom HEART stands firm in adversity. John 18:19-24 
When we take a stand it could cost us our life's. Not because we roll over but because we stand firm. 
- A Kingdom HEART escalates goodness not revenge. When someone asks for you to go one mile go two. What must have the Romans thought about them going that extra mile. 
The kingdom of God creates a lot of conversations. 
- A Kingdom HEART extends unconditional generosity. Hasn't he lavishly poured out his love and blessings on us. 
Share, give and be excessive in your giving. 
Are you going to be apart of your Kingdom or are you going to live for Gods KINGDOM!
What is keeping you from moving forward and joining his kingdom?

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