Personal Theology of God update

This is my personal Theology of God and my resolve to live one way.

Thanks to Pastor Tom over at The Grove I have been able to steal some of his thoughts and add my own to come up with a Personal Theology of God.

The helps me out when I am in a slump to be able to look back at it and remember some key truths. I hope this inspires many of you to come up with one for you're selves.

1. God loves me and does not "mess" with my life
2. God cares about me even when I don't feel his presence
3. God is always there for me when I need him- through all of my seasons
4. God's ways are right even when they seem hard- All the Bible is true
5. God's discipline in my life shows he loves and cares for me
6. Chastisement is used to correct me in love not anger
7. God created me unique, I am not a mistake, I am his creation
8. God has forgiven my sins and forgotten my past mistakes, I will live forgiven
9. Who I am is a reflection of God's grace
10. When I feel guilty it is not God making me feel that way, I will live guilt free as a believer
11. God desires truth, I will tell all the truth all the time (a grove value)
12. God is my number One, Becca is my number two and everyone else is beneath
13. Being my number One everything must resolve around God
14. God is to big to always figure out, when I can't I will still trust him completely
15. Life is too short to pout, whine, complain and have a negative attitude, I will live positive
16. I will live with grace and extend it to others
17. Life is not about me it is about God's glory-(kaveda) and his will
18. I will love one women (Becca) all my life
19. I choose to laugh and tease and not take myself too seriously
20. I will choose to finish well
21. With God's help I will not run when life get's hard. I won't blame God and others
22. I choose to be generous with all I have- it all belongs to God anyway
23. I will daily cherish his word and time spent with Him in prayer
24. God is working everything out for his good
25. My mom's lies can't undue God's truth
26. No matter what I am going through I will remember that nothing can separate me from God's love
27. I choose to live a life of faith not fear or discouragement
28. Nothing that stands before me is impossible with God (Matt19:26)
29. What door God opens for me no man can close (Rev3:8)

What would yours say?

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