Quiet Please

Today I was reminded why at times God is so close and other times he seams so far away. Noah after entering the ark did not hear from God for 377days. That must have been hard for Noah. He had this growing relationship with the God of creation. He was chosen to be set apart and save the human race. And then nothing for over a year.

God gives us quiet so that we can grow in our understanding. It is through tribulation that we grow in patience, experience and hope. So just think that when you are going through rough seas God is still there with you he is just giving you quiet times so that you will Grow more in love with him.

Prayer- Lord I know that you are with me and that in me deepest part of who I am you are there. When you see fit I ask quit please. I ask Lord that you would stand by me so that when I am about to fall you will pick my up and carry me until I am strong enough to walk again. I love you Lord keep me and my family safe.

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