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I will once I bury my dad!!!

Wow I have heard this a few times in my life but I don't think that I ever got it.

In Genesis 11 God tells Abram to leave his family and he gets close to where God was calling him but close is not obeying, it is disobeying. It was not until Abram's dad died that Abram did what God asked him to do. Look at what Jesus in Matthew 8. He says follow me and when the man answers I need to bury my dad then I can. It was not that his dad was dead and waiting a burial. It was that he could not go because of family obligations.

What is more important to you family obligations or going where God calls you?

I know that is a hard question. I have followed and fallen and yet who picked me back up? God! So maybe we need to be still and hear from the God of heaven where he wants us to go.

I want to be a Father

I was reading today and I noticed something that caught my eye. In Genesis 6:16 it talks about there being only one door and that is true with Salvation also. Jesus said there is only one way to the Father and that was and is Jesus Christ. But the next part of the verse was what struck me.

There where three levels in the ark. Just like there are three levels in our walk of Christianity.(1 John2;13,14)

1-little children, Who know the Children

2-young men, Who have overcome the wicked one.

3-Fathers, Who have known God from the beginning have a deep relationship with God.

I want to die as a Father. I want people to look at my life and say he had a deep relationship with God. Where are you are you a little child or young man, or are you a father? Keep keeping on and God will bless you.

Tell us what is unique to Christianity?


Need I say more. Genesis 6:8-10. Noah found Grace in the eyes of the lord. Not that Noah was the only one that God showed his grace to. It was the fact every one had 120 years(Genesis6:3) and Noah was the only one who found it.

Look at other religions and philosophies and you have to work or do good deeds in order to earn blessings or find favor from their gods. But with Biblical Christianity grace is given to those who call on the name of the Lord. Wow. Grace

Where are you today? Have you found Grace? I have and it is yours to have just call out to Jesus and ask him to be your Lord and savior from your sins.