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The Gospel in names Genesis 5:3-32

So I am taken back by how God used the names to lay out the Good News of Christ. Look with me at a few names.


Seth- appointed

Enos- Subject to death

Cainan- sorrowful

Mahalaleel- from the presence of God

Jared- one comes down

Enoch- dedicated

Methuselah- dying, He shall send

Lamech- to the poor and lowly

Noah- rest and comfort

So ten names beginning from a man that brings death into the world all the way to a man bringing rest and comfort. Take a look at the meanings of their names.

The man appointed to death, sorrowful. From the presence of God, One comes down, dedicated. Dying, He shall send to the poor and lowly rest and comfort.

Jesus came to bring rest and comfort to the poor and lowly. He is the one who died so that we may find the rest in him. I chose him and the Good News of Christ to find my rest and comfort.

A day is of a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day! Genesis 5:3-11

As I was reading today I was kinda hit in the face with this statement. I know I have heard that God lives out side of time but our day is one thousand years and one thousands years is one day. God told Adam in Genesis 2:17 that if he was to eat from the tree that he would surly die. Now lets look at what happened.

That day Adam hid from God and was moved out of the garden. Then his life moves on and on Adam has kids, he grows old until Adam is nine hundred and thirty years old and he dies. I think I missed this every time I have read it.

Adam Dies.  Okay I knew that part. But what I did not grab was that Adam dies the same day that he ate of the fruit according to God's time. Can you say Wow.

Also in today's reading we see that Adam before he dies has a son who brings the family back to God named Seth.

Seth means appointed.

Seth has a son named Enos.

Enos Means subject to death.

Enos has a son named Cainan which means sorrowful.

Today is a good day to know this. I now understand that Jesus will return in his timing. Think back to when Jesus was here and he said Only the father know when I will return. Well Jesus has only been gone about two maybe three days. No one will know the time or place of his return. I am waiting in exception for that day, Are you?

What's your memory of Michael Jackson

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