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Entirely Geek Episode 3

So this weeks episode was really good. We started it a little differently and added a guest host. Each Geek(person) is different from each other and we want to show off their talents. Our guest host this week was Andrew Holybee who is a MacHead, IT and Cyclist. EntirelyGeek.com is a great hub if you will of all things Geek. If you or someone you know is a geek and would like to be on the show then please email, tweet or contact us.

Entirely Geek Ep 3

Eton BoostTurbin 2000

Camp Stove

iPhone Headphone Lawsuit

The court and the patent system

Guided Access

A chat to get better.

Just chatting with Andrew and Dan about EntirelyGeek.com we are trying to make it better for you. How would you like to be on our podcast? If so then log on to twitter and let us know @speakeroftruth or @danthetechguru

New podcast

This is the link to the new Podcast that Dan and I are doing. Please check it out and subscribe! We are trying to get to 100 subscribers by the 1st of January.


Your mission if you choose to accept is to share this will all your friends and family. goo.gl/PZs2R