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That wont be me.

Today I was reading in Genesis 12 and Abram went down into Egypt. And Jon talked about how everytime we see people Go into egypt it is always down. In the Bible Egypt is a picture of the world. Now the father of faith was heading to the promise land and heard that a famine was coming. What does he do he take things into his own hands and goes into the world.

Where are you right now are you heading to the land God has called you to. Or are you heading to the world.

May the God of our fathers bless you while you answer that.

Will you lead me Father?

Jeremiah is my son and I want him to grow up to be a strong man of God, who will trust and obey when he is older. But that will only happen if someone shows him how to be that man of God.

Today in my reading I came across a few things that made me want to be the spiritual leader of my family. Looking at the life of Noah as he and his family entered the ark made me reexamine Noah's life a little closer. Reread Genesis 7:13 and you will find that Noah entered the ark first then this family (including the wives of his sons). Now I have read that a few time before and it never stood out to me. But this time God unveiled a mystery to me. Noah went in first.

That's right Noah went First. Men, Dads, Fathers, are you going in first. Noah lead his family.

God gave us a family so that we could point them to the cross. Not drag, push, or yell until they get to the cross, but Point them. The very best way for them to be pointed to the cross is by the father leading by example. Having a real relationship with the God of heaven. Lets look at a few times when God used a father to lead his family. Acts 10, Acts 16:31, Hebrews 11:7 and all the passover where the whole family was saved by the lambs blood on the door post Exodus 12:13.

God gave me a family so that I could pour into them all that I have learned from God. That means I need to learn form God so I can pour into them.

I am willing to learn and build my relationship with God in order to Go In First just like Noah. Are you?

I want to be a Father

I was reading today and I noticed something that caught my eye. In Genesis 6:16 it talks about there being only one door and that is true with Salvation also. Jesus said there is only one way to the Father and that was and is Jesus Christ. But the next part of the verse was what struck me.

There where three levels in the ark. Just like there are three levels in our walk of Christianity.(1 John2;13,14)

1-little children, Who know the Children

2-young men, Who have overcome the wicked one.

3-Fathers, Who have known God from the beginning have a deep relationship with God.

I want to die as a Father. I want people to look at my life and say he had a deep relationship with God. Where are you are you a little child or young man, or are you a father? Keep keeping on and God will bless you.