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American Idol

American Idol
Acts 17:16-34

1. Paul's audience

•religionists Jews
•God fearing people
•Average citizens
•epicureans or pleasure seekers
•stoics the self disciplined
•philosophical questioners

All six of the groups where present that day. Along with today they are all around us.
Ex20:3-4 you should have no other Gods before me.

2. Paul's message

•God not unknown
•God is creator.
•God demands repentance
•God has a judgment day

3. Paul's challenge

The Gospel has the power to reach all!
Romans 10:9-10, Romans 10:13, Eph 2:8-9, Romans 1:16

Sacrifice something you love for something you love more!

Small Groups

I want to do a online Small Group. If you are to busy to be apart of a home group than maybe this might help. I thought about taking the Grove's small group questions and post them online and also do a video group once a week. Let me know what you think by commenting and clicking the like button. Have a good Sunday.

I need your help!

Friends, Family, Twitter peeps, facebook. I need your help! More info coming in a while how you can help. Plz Rt