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Today’s message: You call that life fun?

Today's message: You call that life fun?
Luke 14:28-29.

What will the price be for your life.?

I want my view of God to be bigger then me.

Write down your own personal biblical theology. This will help you when your down feeling away from God. Take time to do this. Don't be lazy!!!

Will you live a life of no regrets.

1. When we live our lives with a clear view of God and predetermined principles to guide our choices, we greatly reduce the following:

•Years spent rebuilding trust
•Children scared from bad decisions by parents
•Awkward moments
•Drifting or falling away from God and your faith
•A life of saying, "I wish I would have"

Wright down what you believe.
If I am going through a hard time God is still there fighting for me. I have to trust that God is there for me.

2. Was it worth if for what this world calls fun?

Was the _______ fun? Well was it?
Are you going to change you life so that you won't have to say I wish I would have.
Change how you think?

3. Choose this day how you will live!

How will we change our lives so we won't fall?

Remember life is always about choice. We are free to choose but our choices will decide the future of many?

You may reach one but that one might reach one million. But if you don't change then maybe the one you would change will not change and not reach the million. May God reach out to you so that we can reach the world for him.

Hray-mah Biblical words you would use against the evil one.
Such as I don't live by bread alone but by the words of God.

God may I choose the path that reaches the world with your love. I want to choose you lord to change my family. Use us to move a mole hill.

I’ll give you my daughters

This past two weeks has been two of the funniest weeks in my life. I have been off work on bonding leave. I still had school so part of the day I have been doing that and then the rest is with my wife and child.

I am still reading the Bible just not posting as much.

Today in Genesis 19, Lot offered his two daughters (who before this time have never slept with a man) so the the men in his town would not have sex with the two guys who came to visit him.

Wow talk about sad. When your fist deep in sin your willing to do some messed up crap.

Read Genesis 19 to see what happened and then look at your life and see what your doing to please the world around you.