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Genesis 23. Three words

Okay give me a few words to get you to read genesis 23. Wow.

Word one- tears
Word two- death
Word three- kingdom minded.

Just read it and see if you see what I do. Ask questions and I will answer them.

Running to worship

Where are you right now? Are you sitting, standing, having fun?

Well you might want to sit for a moment. I want to talk to you about your time with Our creator. Some call this time a devotional time. Others call it a quit time, some call it boring. What ever you call the time you spend with God just pause for a second and lets look at how a 99 year old man goes about his.

Read Genesis 18: 1-6.

In Genesis 18 we see Abraham life up his eyes and there in front of him were three men. So Abraham sat there until the men came to him.


Abraham ran to them and then bowed himself before them. Think about this for a second. When God calls out to you how do you act. Do you sit there or do you run to him with passion to spend time with him?

After getting to them he pleaded with the Lord to stay let him wash his feet and share a meal with them. You see Abraham knew there was time to put down everything that was doing on in his life and just fall at the feet of his Lord. I to wish I could pick this up. Knowing that my  family, work, house, ministry the list goes on can wait until I am done at the Feet of Jesus. He is our king so when was the last time you spent bowing down and letting him know that you will serve him?

Take the time to worship our king today.

Lord Here we are, Take me as I am. I am yours fill me with your love and will. I love you lord.

I will once I bury my dad!!!

Wow I have heard this a few times in my life but I don't think that I ever got it.

In Genesis 11 God tells Abram to leave his family and he gets close to where God was calling him but close is not obeying, it is disobeying. It was not until Abram's dad died that Abram did what God asked him to do. Look at what Jesus in Matthew 8. He says follow me and when the man answers I need to bury my dad then I can. It was not that his dad was dead and waiting a burial. It was that he could not go because of family obligations.

What is more important to you family obligations or going where God calls you?

I know that is a hard question. I have followed and fallen and yet who picked me back up? God! So maybe we need to be still and hear from the God of heaven where he wants us to go.