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I want to be a Father

I was reading today and I noticed something that caught my eye. In Genesis 6:16 it talks about there being only one door and that is true with Salvation also. Jesus said there is only one way to the Father and that was and is Jesus Christ. But the next part of the verse was what struck me.

There where three levels in the ark. Just like there are three levels in our walk of Christianity.(1 John2;13,14)

1-little children, Who know the Children

2-young men, Who have overcome the wicked one.

3-Fathers, Who have known God from the beginning have a deep relationship with God.

I want to die as a Father. I want people to look at my life and say he had a deep relationship with God. Where are you are you a little child or young man, or are you a father? Keep keeping on and God will bless you.

The Gospel in names Genesis 5:3-32

So I am taken back by how God used the names to lay out the Good News of Christ. Look with me at a few names.


Seth- appointed

Enos- Subject to death

Cainan- sorrowful

Mahalaleel- from the presence of God

Jared- one comes down

Enoch- dedicated

Methuselah- dying, He shall send

Lamech- to the poor and lowly

Noah- rest and comfort

So ten names beginning from a man that brings death into the world all the way to a man bringing rest and comfort. Take a look at the meanings of their names.

The man appointed to death, sorrowful. From the presence of God, One comes down, dedicated. Dying, He shall send to the poor and lowly rest and comfort.

Jesus came to bring rest and comfort to the poor and lowly. He is the one who died so that we may find the rest in him. I chose him and the Good News of Christ to find my rest and comfort.