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The Calm Before The Storm!

I sit here waiting for the moving men to show up and all is calm whil Becca has all three kids.  It has been a cray ride so far and I am excited to see what God and the Navy has in store for me and my family.  Thank you Becca for trusting me to provide for our family and for always being there.   

The love I have for my Wife!

Every day I wake up knowing that right next to be is the lowest paid, hardest worker I know. She get up and ready for her day and while doing that she cares for both of my demanding boys. Takes care of the house, bills, food, and then stays up until all of her boys are asleep. My wife is no supper hero mom but she is as close as one can get. I love her and am so glad I get to spend my life with her. 

Becca you are a queen like no other. One day I pray your showered with blessing beyond our imangnation. Have a good day and I'm praying for this year to be better then the last 9. 

S loves his mommy can you tell? What are you happy about today?

Boyz only tonight

A great day with Jeremiah and Becca.

Becca and I did get into a bit of a anger match today but only lasted a few mins. Did I tell you we are trying for a baby. Please keep us in your prayers.

I am now watching The Lion King with Jeremiah while becca is at work doing photography. I'm so proud of her doing this tonight. She will surly be blessed.