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Avoiding life’s train wrecks

Acts 4-5

Avoiding life's train wrecks
Pastor Tom

Proverbs 6:16
-God loves truth but He hates lies!
-Holding anything back from God is a sin!
-We need to care more about that God sees in our life's then what others see in our life's!

1. Be a Barnabas
Acts 4:32-37
If the church acted like this there would be no need in the world.

•Recognition without sacrifice
•Kept back-same as embezzling
•Deception was the sin
•"Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all"- Oliver Wendell Holmes
•Joshua 7:1 Achan's sin
•Satan filled their heart
•Lied to the Holy Spirit
•When we lie we shut off the Holy Spirit

Is there anyone reading that you live a lie to impress others?

2. No one asked them to sell their land or give anything
•lied not just to men but to God
•The lie was premeditated
•Sapphire was looking for the praise of men
•The had an opportunity to confess

1Corinthians 10:13 "BUT"
1 Peter 5:8-9
A statement by God for the "new" church

3. How to avoid this train wreck

•So easy to lie- tell the truth
•keeping back something from Jesus - Jesus calls for 100%
• holding back part of ourselves- what are you holding back today?

Hebrews 4:13 - All creatures will give an account.
•It all started with a lie which could have been stopped with a word of truth.
•People can believe the lies they tell them selves.

2 Corinthians 10:5 capture every thought.

Are you all in or are you holding something back?

Numbers is done!

I am done with numbers. I just finished. It's cool because Becca is sleeping in the bed here in Pensacola and I was able to read early and finish it. Have a good day and God bless. New lil fact Deuteronomy is two words
Deutero- second
Nomy- law

So now you know.

What did Jesus really mean?

What did Jesus really mean?

Matthew 5:21-48

1. What did Jesus mean when he said don't get angry without a cause?

It is just as bad as murder. Don't carry bitterness.

2. What did Jesus mean when he said don't call your brother a fool?

When we say hurtful things it can be just like murdering others. Eph4:26

In our anger do not sin. Don't let the sun go down with being angry.
Romans 12:17 IF
3. What did Jesus mean when he said leave your gift at the alter?

4. What did Jesus mean when he said agree with your enemy quickly.

Matt5:27-32 is a over statement.

5. What did Jesus mean when he spoke about adultery and divorce?

Shammai- Only a few reasons for divorce.
Hillel-any reason for divorce is alright.

6. What did Jesus mean when he said let your yes be yes?

Keep it simple. Let your word be enough. Simple, honest, sensear

7. What did Jesus mean when he said turn the other cheek?

Live differently. To love your enemies.

8. What did Jesus mean when he said love your enemies

Live in such a way that is different.

9. What did Jesus mean when he said be Perfect.

God wants us to have a filter system so that we may live life differently.

Matt 22:37
1Cor 6:19
Provers 3:5,6
Matt 18:21,22