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It’s been awhile

Wow days have gone by. How have you guys been? I am off today and hanging out with the family. Went I to work last night to get some study in for my cert next week. Please pray for my cert. If I pass I will be the quickest to go through my JQS. I have 90 days to compleat it and I did it in 19 days. So excited. I love when God allows me to shine.

How has God worked in your life.

Another dinner out

We had a great time out at dinner tonight at Romano's macaroni grill. Our server was very nice and helpful. If you go to eat there ask for Morgan. Thanks again for the great food and service.

Off to bootcamp

I am off to bootcamp. A few last min things and tomorrow I am out of riverside. I am excited to be able to go and join the 1% of those able to join the Navy. Thank you all for praying for my family and I. It is much needed. Have a great 9 weeks I'll wright soon.