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Sore Arms

I worked out last Monday and I injured both my arms. The doc said muscles are breaking down. The pain was shooting 9 out of 10 now it is a constant 7. On Tuesday I see the doc to have them check my blood again.

Education in life

Today was a good day but start out hard. I went to work in a good mood but others had a bad day planed out for me. So guess what I did.

I smiled took the bad day by the hand and showed it the door. I chose to have a good day in spite of how other acted toward me today. I work for my king not the men and women of the navy. God set up and brings down those in leadership.

Pulse it was a great night with Becca watching two kids. Had a blast. Can't wait to have another baby. Oh yeah tomorrow ill tell you all about that. Night.


It sucks being sick

So I have been sick for the last few days. I can't handle it any more. I want to eat real food but my stomach hurts every time I eat. So here I am once again at the Dr. to see what is wrong. Please God let the docs find what is causing me my ailment.