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My Steeple Is Larger Then Yours.

Today has been a great day. The drive back to base was very nice, spending time just watching the stars and buildings pass us by. A few things came to mind that I wanted to share and get some feed back on.

There was a unique set of buildings that over took my vision. I saw many church's on the way back. Two of them were a few blocks from each other and yet still quite close. Close enough that I could see both at the same time. What stood out was that both had very large steeples on the top of their roofs. I am not saying that steeples are bad by any means. What I do what to say is why they stood out to me.


I did not see steeples on top of the church's

I saw church's trying to out do one another

I saw money going to buildings insted of the poor

I saw a heart that was broken and needed to be heard

I saw truth being spoken each sunday, yet not lived out during the week

I saw brokenness within a community not being adressed so there was a split to create a new community

I saw pain in the offering with no Joy returned

All this I saw from two large steeples. Two church's fighting for people of the community to become members of their church. If those church's were to close their doors this week would the people even notice a difference in their community.

I am the church, I am an ambastor, I have been chosen and so have you. We need to make a difference in the lives around us. Lets break out of the steeples and give out hearts and souls to Christ. Lets allow Him to make a difference in our lives so that our communities will change.


What do you see from two large steeples?


Brick or stone

In Genesis 11 man starts to use building tools. What kind of tool? Brick!
Mans use of brick only last so long before it starts to chip away and fall apart.

God does not use brick he uses stone to build things. Look at the temple all the stone was cut and sized away from the building site so that no hammer or chisel was heard. Same is true with the stone God is working on right now.

You and me! God is cutting and shaping us here on earth so when we get to heaven we will be complete.

When someone cuts you off today don't get mad just say thanks you to the master builder to removing that edge of stone that's in your life. It won't be easy I know ( boy do I know) but God is working in our lives to bring us to completion.