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You are invited to Pray

Good evening everyone. I wanted to ask for prayer for my family. We are going to a rough spot and only the Lord can heal us from what we have done to each other. I believe that God is trying to start a prayer revival in and through this. By family I do not mean my wife, my son and I, I mean the "The Church". The Church needs healing and prayer. Thank you all for joining with me.

Quiet Please

Have you ever just wanted to sit down and relax. I mean really relax, not watching T.V. or reading but just being silent. Well sometimes we need to just find that time in our life's where we can sit and relax. In Habakkuk there is a verse that talks about the earth being silent. Habakkuk 2:20. God calls us to worship him and it is not always with music, dance, or words but he sometimes just wants us to sit next to him while we take a break from our crazy life's.

Eric in a pic

Right not where ever you are take a few moments to worship our creator through being silent.

How did it feel?

We need your support.

So my wife and I are starting a church and we need your support. The link has info on how you can get involved. Please Rt http://tr.im/pO7e Please check out the link and let us know that you are with us. We are looking for 100 people to come beside us in prayer.