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Day three

How has the new year been so far. I can't believe that I have made it three days writing to you all. Today I wanted to share what I read in the Bible. Joshua 7:1(a) But.

That was it. "But" that one word had a huge impact for where I was reading. They people just won a battle and saw God move in a mighty way. God told them to set aside the spoil of this war "But" there where some who did not. So God grew angry with them. We too some time grieve God and cause him to act as a discipliner in our lives.

I have had many time not done what he has asked or done the completely disobey. So today I want to learn from Joshua and never again disobey. I don't want to take the first spoils when he has laid out blessings for me.

This was my start of the day. I can't wait for the rest.

My weekend

Spending some good time with my son while eating lunch. I thank God that I was blessed with a well behaved little guy. That's my weekend. What's yours?

Love tonight

I want to spend time with my love tonight. I don't know how other than on the phone or Skype. But that is not good enough sometimes. So what are some good ways while being away to connect with your loved ones.