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One is the loinest number.

Here I am at 3:15 in the morning just after my wife feed our beautiful son Jeremiah. She hands him over to me to be burped and then I change his dipper. I am pleased to know that he again has gone pee and poo and that everything is working the way God has created it to work.

But this is where one is lonely. What if it was just my wife feeding, burping, changing dippers, and more for lil Miah. Don't get me wrong I know that she can do it and that it happens that way to single moms everyday. But something about me being able to sit while she feeds and then allowing me the chance to help is joyful. It brings me peace, and make me sad to know that many women right now, marred or not are taking care of our babies without help from their men.

Lonely, tired, sad, worried, scared these are a few of the things our women caring for our young feel. Let's stand up dads, men and help.
Women keep doing what you do best " showing us up while being a good mother. "

Good sleep requires rest

Have you ever woke up from a long night sleep but still feel like ten more hours would be nice. I hate when we get so stressed that sleep is not helpful to our bodys. I love sleep when I get a good night of it but when I don't I get gummpy all day.

Take time to find out why your stressed and give it over to God before you go to sleep. His Word say he is faithful. It also say we can find rest in the LORD.

Have a good day everyone and find rest.