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Nagging Questions 

Nagging Question 08SEP17

Pastor Gene Roncone

1. Will Highpoint focus on the right thing?

On one side you have people that believe Jesus was here to help them grow and keep us inward 
Other side is getting people healthy and focused on outreach. 
What will you focus on?
I want to focus on the right thing. 
2. Will Highpoint reach the right people?
Jesus wanted to touch the sick and the hurting?
The enemy try's to get us to focus on ourselves instead of looking outward on the needs of those around us. 
The word sinner meant people that rejected Gods law. 
Jesus called the Sinners SICK! He wanted them to he healed. 
3. Will we be driven by the right passion?
Are we driven like the P with the Do mentality always trying to earn the our place or are we driven by seeing the sick and wanting to help them because Gods grace is bigger. 
Grace is the action behind mercy. 

- stepping out and really reaching lost people. 
What type of emotion will we have when we see those who are sick
4. Will Highpoint learn the right skills?
Go and learn what this means! It was not about understanding but the skills we learn when we do. 
You learn the mission of Jesus by doing!!!
You won't learn his mission by a class or sitting. Only by doing will you learn the mission of Jesus.

What Are Your Plans.



Matthew 9:35-10:15
Pastor Drew

Living Word Oak Harbor 


We serve a God who deeply cares about the people in his kingdom!
1. Jesus know the needs in his kingdom. 
- as he went through the town he knew what they needed, and this is still true today. He knows your needs, fears, hurts and the king is here to help. 
What we think we need and the things we actually need tend to be different, And Jesus knows the difference. 
(Prayer: is the conversation between us and God but we need to give him a chance to show us our real needs. How many times have we asked God for a bandaid for our needs when he could have heal the whole thing)
2. Jesus meets needs in his kingdom though his people!
God includes us. 9 they pray for laborers 10 they become the laborers 
It's easy to look inward to see if I am able but it's hard to look outward to the one who can provide the skills needed to fulfill the needs of the kingdom. 
See a need ask how can I help, not send someone to help!
3. Jesus equips His People to meets needs!
Matt 10 Jesus taught them and now he is sending them out. 
Don't fear I am with you and will equips you for your journey. 
Romans 8:28 

WHAT IS YOUR STORY? Where is God taking you? How has he equipped you?