The Grand Plan

Pastor Russ

Eastside Church


There is a grand plan! 
God only asked for one thing: EVERYTHING!!!
Her god was fine with just sacrifice and go on with your life. Yet this God, the God of God wanted everything. 
Have you given him everything?
God is not punishing you. 
- she did everything God asked and god provided food but still her son dies. She felt that all this was because of her sins, And that God was punishing her. 
God is there and I am here. 
It was when she called out asking if it was because of her sins that she really got to know who God was. 
God cared so deeply that he sent his servant to heal her son. 
When life gets unbearable you want God already in the house. 
God was already in her house, ready to meet her needs. It was she that just needed to be shown he was there. 
Remember God has a plan! Who is in charge of your life? Is God living in your house?

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