What Will Your Sign Read

I hate seeing the signs that say Gays are going to hell. Why do we as Christians feel that we are more holy then them. The truth is we are no better then any one of the GLBT community. Jesus said to the group trying to stone the women for committing adultery who ever has not sinned cast the first stone. When he looked back up only the women was left. So who are we/I to believe that we can tell someone that they are going to hell.

I did not write my name in the Book of Life my Savior Christ did. So this is what my sign will say.

"I don't believe that you are going to hell because you are gay, I believe that without Christ we are all going to Hell."

So please stand with me in changing our signs. Unless you are not a sinner and you don't need God grace.

What do you think?


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