Who is shacking up!!!

So as I was reading in Genesis 6: 1&2 I was reminded that the days of Noah will be like the days when the coming of the son of man. These two verse stand out because they say that as the men began to multiply and fell the earth that the sons of God and the daughters of men became husband and wife's.

There are a few camps on this issue so here are a couple.

One- that the fallen angles where shacking up with the humans on earth.

Two- that the sons of Seth where marring the daughters of Cain.

Now Genesis 6:3 talks about how God saw what was going on and chose to limit the days of man to 120 years. Many people believe this verse to mean that our life span cant pass 120 but if you look deeper into what is going on in this verse God was putting a limit to how long he will give us to chose to have a relationship with him.

Think about it if wont chose God by 120 years then you will probley not going to chose God. We are really close to the point when Noah's days and ours are starting to look alike.

One- believers are marring non-believers.

Two- Christians are having sex before marriage as if it is not against Gods law.

Three- it is believed that the population in Noah's day was about 3,220,000,000. Now our population is twice that amount. We are to a point in our world where we will have no more room.

If you don't know what it was like in the days of Noah then read your Bible and then look around to see if you see any similarities. I know that for me and my family we are not looking down we are spending these days getting ready for the coming of our king.

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