Workout Compleat.

Today was a good day. Started out but hanging out with Jeremiah and my hot wife at the dog park. Next we did something that was really fun. We went to the park and played baseball. My son hit almost every good ball we threw. I am not a manly man with the whole sports and activities stuff, so watching him love is make me really happy. I asked after playing a while you want to play at the park now and he says no play baseball a little bit more then we can play.

To say the lease we had a blast. Later on I text little to see if be wanted to work out with me and we headed to the football filed. We did half of a permed. Went to ten with sprints and push-ups and abs. A great workout.

Not so great night. Jeremiah did not want to sleep last night. He kept crying and yelling but did settle down and stayed in his room after I calm down. I told him that he is a good boy and that he is sweet and that he need to act like a good boy. Took a few min but he did calm down and fell asleep soon after. Love the little Booger.

When your child acts up at night how do you react?

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