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Story of my trash

Today we are using a big bag for all our trash.  I mean allllll the trash from the previous owners.  I have been doing the demo and it has been in the garage until now.  I can't wait for the trash to be picked up. 

What Are Your Plans.


3 Sept 17Matt5:9
Peace is shalom
Avoiding conflict does not bring pease it brings the opposite. 

Three was to be a peace maker. 
1. Face your internal conflict and deal with them. 
2. Face relationship issues and deal with them. 
3. Facilitate peace with those that have broken relationships
When you have conflict and you have them sit down and talk it out it help them see the other side and allows forgiveness and healing. 

The real healing of the fracture is when we give it over to Jesus and allow him to heal it. 
Can you imagine being a peacemaker with others and seeing peace come to them. 
Blessed are the peacemakers. 
To be a peacemaker is to see a weed, up root it and plant a flower. 
We need to receive God peace. Jesus made a way to bring peace.