Is The Easter Bunny Real?

It has happened my little boy is growing up. Found out there is no Easter Bunny and then asked about Santa. Of course I told him the truth. 

Becca and I decided a while back that when our kids asked about any of the them we would tell them the truth.  So yesterday while driving Jeremiah asked about the big Bunny and we shared with Jeremiah that the Easter Bunny was not as real as he believed.  Today he asked us about Santa Claus.  I am excited to share with him the truth and see how he is able to experience the joy in giving this year knowing the old fat jolly guy is not officially coming to our house. 
We told him that this is a big boy secret and that it is now his job to not let anyone else know.  He seems to be excited about this new found knowledge.  
What did you tell your kids when they asked? When did you find out?

What a day?

What has been the hardest day you have had in the past week? 

I am learning not everyone has been trained as well as me.  This sometimes causes me to have to step back and explain what I am doing multiple times to the same individual.  So today was one of those days that my patients was tried over and over.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  


"With time and effort comes wisdom"

Daily reading

This was my reading today from Rick Warren. 
Quiet Time: A Simple Plan 
The main rule is this: Keep your plan simple. 
Wait on God (Relax) -- Be still for a minute; don't come running into God's presence and start talking immediately. Follow God's admonition: "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) Be quiet for a short while to put yourself into a reverent mood. 
Pray briefly (Request) -- Ask God to cleanse your heart and guide you into the time together. You need to be in tune with the Author before you can understand his Book! 
Read Scripture (Read) -- This is where your conversation with God begins. He speaks to you through his Word, and you speak with him in prayer. When you read your Bible, try to do it - 
Slowly -- Don't be in a hurry and don't try to read too large an amount. 
Repeatedly -- Read a passage over and over until you start to picture it in your mind. 
Without stopping -- Don't stop in the middle of a sentence to go off and do a doctrinal study. Just read that section for the pure joy of it, allowing God to speak to you. Remember that your goal here is not to gain information, but to feed on the Word and get to know Christ better. 
Aloud but quietly -- Reading it aloud will improve your concentration. It will also help you understand what you are reading better because you will be both seeing and hearing what you are reading. 
Systematically -- Read through a book at a time in an orderly method. You'll understand the Bible better if you read it as it was written - a book or letter at a time.